How to Record easily Screencast Videos on your iPad or iPhone ?

how to record screen in iphone

How to Record easily Screencast Videos on your iPad or iPhone? Many people ask me how can record video on Iphone and Ipad today I show you How to record video in Iphone and Ipad. Now there are tons of screencasting apps available for your Windows or Mac desktop but if you wish to capture the screen of your iPad or iPhone, the scene is very disappointing. A search for “screen recorder” or “screencasting” shows zero results in the iTunes app store.
 1. Create a Screencast Video using Screenshot Images
You can capture multiple screenshot images of an app . put all these different screenshot images in a PowerPoint slideshow, run it in Full-screen mode and then use Camtasia or any other screencasting software to record that slideshow.
 2: Use Display Recorder to capture your iPhone /iPad Screen
If you have jailbroken your iPad (or iPhone), you can use the Display Recorder utility to record the onscreen activity of your iOS device and save the video as an AVI or MP4 file. The app can also upload your recorded screencast to YouTube directly.
3: Record Screencasts using Whiteboard Apps
If you wish to create simple whiteboard style screencasts where your audio and all you activity on a whiteboard is recorded as a movie, you have some good options including Screenchomp, Explain Everything, ShowMe, Replay Note, Doodlecast Pro and Educreations.
4: Use a Digital Camera to Record App Demos
the developers of the Denso App recorded their interaction video with the iPad using the iPhone camera . They placed the iPad on a white sheet of paper, added enough lights to get rid of all the shadows and they also placed paper on the lamps to diffuse the harsh light.
It’s an easy setup and end result is much like the various iPad /iPhone demos that you see on Apple website

5: Record Screencasts of your iPad or iPhone using AirPlay
I saved the best option for the last. Download and install the Reflector app and it will wirelessly mirror your iPhone or iPad screen on to your desktop live. You don’t have to install any additional software on your iOS device, no cables are involved and there’s no jailbreaking required either – the only requirement is that your iPad / iPhone and the destkop should be part of the same home network.

This is the tips for all Apple fans to record Screencast video on Iphone/Ipad follow these tips above. if you want some suggestion comment it right now Thank You !


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