The future of Microsoft Windows Phone


windows 10
Microsoft is a one of a revolution making company in PC and operating system other hand Nokia is the revolution making company in Mobile phone this is be a  great reveal in Smartphone market Microsoft buys Nokia this is good news Nokia market share down they not create any revolution in Smartphone thus they chose making Windows phone they get maximum befit from there the get success in Windows phone 'Lumia' it is the brand globally recommended Windows phone Microsoft thing that if we buy Nokia we make a revolution in Smartphone market it is right choice i thing Nokia windows phone is the big One Between Apple Iphone  and Samsung Smartphone. Nokia is the only company who success in windows phone market share among Samsung windows phone and HTC windows phone, The Nokia Lumia Series is the big hit in Windows Phone and Smartphone market I like the design of Nokia Lamia windows phone it’s so nice The newest Windows phone From Nokia it is big hit Nokia is nice company the company is so popular in Asia they have huge legacy in phone making. things were change quickly Microsoft buys Nokia over 7 billion dollar it sad for Nokia fans but in future Microsoft and Nokia cooperate to build Windows phone , Microsoft  have a plan to create next windows phone I thing the Next generation of windows phone will highly premium than the today’s windows phone you k now windows phone today also have great demand

Microsoft will eliminate Samsung , HTC and other windows phone makers  from windows phone. Microsoft have other plan i thing Microsoft doing erectly right for business The coming of window phone it might be a game changer in Smartphone market Nokia in other hand work with Microsoft and Nokia And Windows work hard to make a perfect Windows Smartphone it might be a apple don't like Microsoft The coming of Microsoft windows phone it will be have less limitation when we compare to previous Windows phone 

windows 10

The future of Microsoft Windows Phone    today Smartphone market is Apple ,Samsung and Google engage Smartphone market and share this will change according to Windows phone the future of Windows Phone it will a big thing it will dedicate Apple Iphone and Samsung Android Phones this is the reason Why Microsoft Buy Nokia . Nokia and Microsoft will cooperate and create a revolution Windows phone that is sure it will happen i thing the coming 2014 it will be first Windows Phone buy Microsoft and Nokia , the future of Microsoft windows phone it will more powerful than Apple Iphone you all know the Microsoft only enemy in all years is Apple it will be a challenge for these amazing company this September Iphone 5s introduce i think Apple will win this year race among other Smartphone the coming year 2014 will be a challenge between Apple and Microsoft this will determine Who is Smartest Smartphone , Microsoft play a important roll to buy Nokia for future of Windows Smartphone Microsoft strategy is look like to build powerful windows phone the coming windows 9  it much better than windows 8 Microsoft use windows 8 they success in that windows 8 Windows 9 is completely difference

in past Apple and Android dominate in world of Smartphone Market this will change Windows moving quickly buying Nokia it is the great gaining . not to forgot Nokia is the introduction of Smartphone they are the one change the world is true Microsoft know Nokia Windows phone Lumia series is the great success windows phone is the symbol of 'Super Phone' Next year is the year for windows Phone it will raise the share, the main drawback of windows phone is the lack of quality apps this will change by coming Windows 9 we wait for that. the future of windows phone is the hands on Nokia and Microsoft let see how goes !                                                                



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