Future of Smartphone Market


The future has been start by Apple with Iphone this is the one Smartphone completely dominate all over the world later Google to step up making the New way of Smartphone with help of Samsung, HTC, Sony make complete new platform that is today Android what we call . Nokia Lumia series is the first Smartphone who introduce of what is Photography in Night the complete Lumia series is the success story of Microsoft windows phone now it is successful windows Smartphone, The next generation of Smartphone is Amazing story line we can see Number of Iphone now Iphone 5s it been future Iphone 5s use Finger print Scanner this show the what the future all about this so interesting what we live in 21st century now we can access internet very cheaply with help of single Smartphone will determined what is the Future of technology and Smartphone. The 2013 is the year of highly anticipating Smartphone arrive   starting with Moto X and ending With Apple Iphone 5s this not be ending the coming Smartphone by Google will be biggest thing I think So wait for future way of computing Be love with every Smartphone that make you a better and batter !


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