The Main Problems in Internet we face

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The main and disaster problems in internet is Privacy and dangerous hackers many people around the globe the privacy is stolen I,e the password, social network, relate in internet. Now many people are not aware what are the most disaster thing you do in internet many people tell ‘ I know how can I browse internet’ but this not you opinion I telling the fact and truth about How to secure in internet as possible . I recently conduct a survey the result is shocking many people in internet are trapped and hacked if you are trap in internet or stolen your privacy be sure that Follow these steps that can helpful this post for who are trap and not know any tricks for secure try do these simple steps

internet we face

Step 1 – try to avoid click dangerous links on social networking sites I.e. Youtube, facebook, google pres and other social networking site it is important to don’t click a link if you not know what the link was try to avoided that’s is best thing you do

Step 2- Use perfect secure anti-virus software if you are a windows user you must have a powerful antivirus system If you not have a antivirus system try to download . it can helpful you PC and maintain secure over Cloud. their are number of antivirus software offering i give you use these
antivirus software Bitdefender and Norton Antivirus

Step 3- Pornography oh no this is one of dangerous in internet world some adults sites are giving some virus to your PC if someone watch a sex video automatically we receive virus result is your PC completely hacked. In my opinion try to avoid adult site   

Use these must have steps to secure and avoid risk. These steps help you to secure over internet try to follow this if you want to know some suggestion comment below HAPPY BROWSING

The Blackberry is ON The Game

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The name is familiar than Apple Iphone today this trending all over World and social. some person say Blackberry future is gone  This is not yet Blackberry is On the game of Smartphone recently month Blackberry says  ‘we shutdown our company and sold’ this come reality Blackberry is not shot down Blackberry is going to weal up forever Blackberry sold to  Fairfax this weak I personally think Blackberry found perfect partner to Blackberry to weak and up I thing Fairfax has a plan for future of this Awesome Company this is needed as a Blackberry think . the entire years Blackberry share going down and down company facing big crisis Blackberry Moving fast issuing Blackberry share to private. By going private, Blackberry may buy time to fix itself.

blackbery android

The future of Blackberry at this environment Blackberry will lose entire Smartphone market forever AS a blackberry fans this is not accepted The change is must I thing Blackberry moving perfectly to sold to Fairfax the all thing is now Fairfax WE Believe Fairfax to save Blackberry from this crisis WE pray to God please god help this Awesome Company god gives second chance to Blackberry than it s good for business. The coming year we expect many awesome devices from Blackberry

Which one you choice Iphone 5S or Iphone 5C

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This is today and tomorrow question for all apple fans some people say Apple doing crazy  Yes or No you decide I think this will be crazy time for Apple in Smartphone category   every Iphone is to be special for everyone but today Iphone have two option for all apple fans you have Iphone 5S other hand Iphone 5C Apple saying C for color yeah that’s true many fans all over the world are waiting for next Iphone magic or dream if I am one of them I will pick both the Iphone , this is perfect Answer for all Apple fans all over the globe No NO Never . Both the Iphone look perfect and awesome in hand In iphone 5C is the gear of Apple brand to all over Smartphone fans it will attract new audience this complete strategy for making Iphone 5c,   Iphone 5c is looking nice when we compare to Samsung Galxy series Iphone 5c will beat Samsung Galaxy all series with color and quality the design is nice and well engineered well made Apple brand this is the first one have Iphone with color. Apple Iphone 5c final conclusion if you are not have IPhone yet buy this Amazing Apple Smartphone and part of the Amazing Family, if you have Iphone 5 not to buy Iphone 5c because this will lose some bucks Apple say Iphone 5c is cheap this is not too cheap in my word Not to buy Iphone 5c in my opinion 

Apple Iphone 5S this is the future of all the Smartphone Apple is the one to predetermine the future of Smartphone you know Apple is the induce of What the Smartphone Mean in 2007 this is the step forward to create a milestone. Latest release of Iphone 5s sound is WOW! All Iphone have different story line but this Iphone is completely change the story line of Iphone series this is Amazing Iphone 5s is the Next step in Apple Iphone series this is the future of Apple Iphone. The  Attraction was Finger print Scanner this so Awesome I have been test that this is nice stuff this show the future of Smartphone first immersion of Iphone 5s no problem in finger print scanner  Apple is saying is safe the password save with Apple cheap not send Apple server it will automatically save with in Apple Iphone no need to worry about Finger print scanner , the hardware is so so Awesome it show what the brand nice manufacturing, increase the Graphic it is first Smartphone using 64 bit Benchmarking Apple's 64-Bit A7 CPU it too Awesome it helps improve performance and graphic. We can now shot night shot with nice experience Nokia Lumia is the better scope of night shot now it is change Iphone 5s improve photography in Night shot

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                                                       Future of Smartphone Market

FINAL POINT CONCLUSION this is your Pick Iphone 5s or Iphone 5c is your choice I recommended Iphone 5c for kids, students, girls Iphone 5c is suite for these category ,I recommended Iphone 5s for everyone this is top one gadget and Smartphone of the year this is Amazing one for Iphone lovers and Iphone hatters  

Future of Smartphone Market

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The future has been start by Apple with Iphone this is the one Smartphone completely dominate all over the world later Google to step up making the New way of Smartphone with help of Samsung, HTC, Sony make complete new platform that is today Android what we call . Nokia Lumia series is the first Smartphone who introduce of what is Photography in Night the complete Lumia series is the success story of Microsoft windows phone now it is successful windows Smartphone, The next generation of Smartphone is Amazing story line we can see Number of Iphone now Iphone 5s it been future Iphone 5s use Finger print Scanner this show the what the future all about this so interesting what we live in 21st century now we can access internet very cheaply with help of single Smartphone will determined what is the Future of technology and Smartphone. The 2013 is the year of highly anticipating Smartphone arrive   starting with Moto X and ending With Apple Iphone 5s this not be ending the coming Smartphone by Google will be biggest thing I think So wait for future way of computing Be love with every Smartphone that make you a better and batter !

How to Try Android Apps before Buying on Google Play Store?

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Paid Android Apps Try before you Buy

Say you have found an interesting app in Google’s play store that you are going to buy but as the app price is a bit on the expensive side, you would like to use the app and test the various features before purchasing app from Play Store.
Google doesn’t offer “try before you buy” apps but there are easy tricks that will help you test any paid app before buying it. You buy an app from the Play Store, use it for about 10-12 minutes and then refund the app. The app will be uninstalled from your Smartphone and your account won’t be charged forever.

How to Refund your Android App

Follow these simple steps 

Step 1: Visit the Google Play Store, either on your PC or your Smartphone, and buy any of the ‘paid’ apps you like.

Step 2: The app is now installed on your Smartphone. Launch the app and you can test it for the next 10-12 minutes.

Step 3. Go back to the play store app on your Smartphone and go to ‘My Apps’ tap the app name that you are trying to refund. Hit the ‘Refund’ button and the app will automatically uninstall from your Smartphone.

Step 4. Once the App has been uninstalled, it may ask you to specify a reason for removing the app. You’ll also get an email from Google saying:

The refund process is quite easy and 10 minutes are often enough for you to get a good idea about an app. I tried this with at least two different paid apps and the whole thing worked without a hitch. There are however two things regarding Google’s refund policy that you should know:

1. You only have 15 minutes to return an app to the play store from the time of download after which the “refund” option will disappear from the app.

2. You can return an app only once; if you refund an app and purchase it again, you won’t be able to refund it to the Play Store.

Use this lifetime important tricks for you before purchasing an app from Play Store

Apple Next Generation Iphone 6S and Iphone 7

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The latest version of iphone is will arrived on September it will big thing in Smartphone category
 Iphone 6S it mainly contain a finger print scanner it will be a big thing of next generation of Smartphone I think there is no difference or Design for coming iphone 6s their will be change in processor ,camera , screen and operating system apple is a big player for making Smartphone Better and perfection there is no dough about that. the coming of this iphone will change entire operating system this will sure you can see The all iphone is Different story every iphone have different functional and agenda This is a example for the iphone 4 Sire in iphone 4s have Seri this a big game changer in that period Every iphone have different from previous,

 today also their is big demand for Iphone and Iphone accessory you all know the Iphone wins every battle from other Smartphone Samsung is the big enemy for Apple but every battle from these Smartphone The apple is big ahead this what popular vs Compition every Iphone will beat I thing Iphone and Apple have more customer satisfaction than Samsung

 the coming Iphone will be a big game changer for the Smartphone Market The Apple is Revolution making Company they know what is the Next Smartphone They do what the customer thing that is relationship with customer and apple this why Apple is big head

 The roomers tell about cheaper Iphone i,e. Iphone 7C if Apple lunch Iphone 5C with cheaper their will beat entire Smartphone on budget category this will be awesome i thing Apple will lunch iphone 7c with budget about 15,000 Rs -25000 Rs in India . this will be a Millstone

 This year is for Apple today also apple product great depend also.

The future of Microsoft Windows Phone

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windows 10
Microsoft is a one of a revolution making company in PC and operating system other hand Nokia is the revolution making company in Mobile phone this is be a  great reveal in Smartphone market Microsoft buys Nokia this is good news Nokia market share down they not create any revolution in Smartphone thus they chose making Windows phone they get maximum befit from there the get success in Windows phone 'Lumia' it is the brand globally recommended Windows phone Microsoft thing that if we buy Nokia we make a revolution in Smartphone market it is right choice i thing Nokia windows phone is the big One Between Apple Iphone  and Samsung Smartphone. Nokia is the only company who success in windows phone market share among Samsung windows phone and HTC windows phone, The Nokia Lumia Series is the big hit in Windows Phone and Smartphone market I like the design of Nokia Lamia windows phone it’s so nice The newest Windows phone From Nokia it is big hit Nokia is nice company the company is so popular in Asia they have huge legacy in phone making. things were change quickly Microsoft buys Nokia over 7 billion dollar it sad for Nokia fans but in future Microsoft and Nokia cooperate to build Windows phone , Microsoft  have a plan to create next windows phone I thing the Next generation of windows phone will highly premium than the today’s windows phone you k now windows phone today also have great demand

Microsoft will eliminate Samsung , HTC and other windows phone makers  from windows phone. Microsoft have other plan i thing Microsoft doing erectly right for business The coming of window phone it might be a game changer in Smartphone market Nokia in other hand work with Microsoft and Nokia And Windows work hard to make a perfect Windows Smartphone it might be a apple don't like Microsoft The coming of Microsoft windows phone it will be have less limitation when we compare to previous Windows phone 

windows 10

The future of Microsoft Windows Phone    today Smartphone market is Apple ,Samsung and Google engage Smartphone market and share this will change according to Windows phone the future of Windows Phone it will a big thing it will dedicate Apple Iphone and Samsung Android Phones this is the reason Why Microsoft Buy Nokia . Nokia and Microsoft will cooperate and create a revolution Windows phone that is sure it will happen i thing the coming 2014 it will be first Windows Phone buy Microsoft and Nokia , the future of Microsoft windows phone it will more powerful than Apple Iphone you all know the Microsoft only enemy in all years is Apple it will be a challenge for these amazing company this September Iphone 5s introduce i think Apple will win this year race among other Smartphone the coming year 2014 will be a challenge between Apple and Microsoft this will determine Who is Smartest Smartphone , Microsoft play a important roll to buy Nokia for future of Windows Smartphone Microsoft strategy is look like to build powerful windows phone the coming windows 9  it much better than windows 8 Microsoft use windows 8 they success in that windows 8 Windows 9 is completely difference

in past Apple and Android dominate in world of Smartphone Market this will change Windows moving quickly buying Nokia it is the great gaining . not to forgot Nokia is the introduction of Smartphone they are the one change the world is true Microsoft know Nokia Windows phone Lumia series is the great success windows phone is the symbol of 'Super Phone' Next year is the year for windows Phone it will raise the share, the main drawback of windows phone is the lack of quality apps this will change by coming Windows 9 we wait for that. the future of windows phone is the hands on Nokia and Microsoft let see how goes !