IPhone 10 the ultimate review

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Guys funny here and we finally got our hands on the iPhone 10 got to spend some time with this device and I have to tell you. That it's Pretty good well-built device. That's the first thing you notice when you hold the iPhone 10 it's comfortable. It is well built and this is probably one of the best looking iPhone ever. Yes I've said it I think it is they've done a really good job and design on this device. But the first thing you notice is the display it's going to five point eight inch curiousest the display. Yes it's the speed. Apple's numbers usually are kind of funky but there's also HDR display. And as you can see it's got really thin bezels all round. Yes edge to edge except of course the uni brow you find on the top which houses a huge depth camera seven megapixel camera with a lot of sensors that do a lot of cool things. But we'll get to that in a second. Now something about the design looking around the device you can see I've got of course a glass back the camera housing is also in a different orientation more of course portrait. It's a dual camera set up the dual 12 megapixel camera you find on the iPhone. Plus is here with one difference you now have s on both lenses which is pretty cool. Now as part of the Levan biogenic chipset which can do a lot and that's going to come into play later on as we continue talking about the iPhone 10. But you also have of course a lot of lifestyle features I B-6 have rated water and does resistant and also wireless charging even we charge a device that I'll plug me in or while you'll listen to music with your lightning earbuds because he has the only single port on the bottom now dual stereo speakers which is great. I wish there was a headphone jack that is just me but it's never coming back on this device. But when we flip back to the front as you can see again you've got that massive display. Looks pretty good. And that just basically showcases the difference in design. Now if you look at it compared to the iPhone 8 plus all the seven plus anything in the plus size of things you can see that it's actually a small device with a larger display and a smaller footprint which means that this device is more comfortable for people with small hands to use. And people like me with larger hands to use just because of the ergonomics and the design here which is great for a lot of app use and I like that idea and I think you know that is something that as you move forward with as the go with other devices now we talked about that unit Brown front. Why do we have that well the camera does a lot of cool things. Now this is the first time Apple is switching away from a fingerprint sensor or this device on the front of the back. But now use your face on a log.

Now this is not new something we've seen with Microsoft with Windows Halo and it's something that you can do with the iPhone 10 now. It basically maps your face set a process is easy if you want to check that out. Definitely go check out our setup process how to set up face I.D. but it works pretty well. You just have to look at it on walks. Look at it in all walks. And that's not the lock icon turns. It's a lot but you do have to swipe up to get access into your device. You guys should change. Right. You just open up a lock. But that being said it works pretty well and works pretty effectively. We'll do some more videos on that so you can see how it works in different situations and all that fun stuff. But besides Face ID. What else can you do with the camera. Alamo is one of the things we talked about and we spent some time with that. It's fun. It really is. The fact that you can use different Emoji that map to your muscle structure. So as you smile laugh or yell it actually follows your facial commands if you will and you can send some record short message clips 10 seconds and send to friends and it looks like it looks something like this. So yeah that's pretty cool. You can do more with that. And third party apps can also have access to a lot of those functionalities. A snapshot for instance has filters where you can see here with Ultimate Warrior the mascot on my face and it actually flows and maps pretty well and you can change with different filters and different filter types. This will be available to a lot of third parties.

Now that being said though your facial map is saved on your device it's not even the cloud similar to touch ID. You don't. It's not going to be safe anywhere else except your device. Once you format that device all that information is going on when you reset maybe face I.D. That also is gone completely. So that is fine that's taken care of there. Now we also have another thing that is missing from this device there is no human right. There's none. So how do you navigate around the iPhone 10. Now the new gestures to actually do that. And then one of the easiest ones to actually talk about first is actually going back home from an application when we head back to your home screen. You have to simply swipe from the bottom. All the way up. And that takes you back to the home screen and I'm talking about basically from the edge of the bezel and edge of display all the way up. Now I found that all these gestures while they worked well can be hard to get because of the placement. That is something that was going to take some learning to do that.

 Now if you want to multitask you have to swipe from the bottom again stop halfway. And that brings up the multi tasked m can swipe all the way left the right through your applications. Now if you're in an application you can also just swipe at the very bottom across the screen and that we take you to all your different applications. Again like I said I found this in a little bit counter-intuitive as a specialty using the home button for so many years and also just the swipe location. It's going to get difficult for some people. Now the other thing is also you auctions and how do you get actions that are. Well it's not on the top right hand corner you swipe down from the right to get the action center of course you can use 3D touch to actually do that. To get more functionality you can swipe down from the left to get to your notification center. So you have that built in there. Now the iPhone 8 sorry the iPhone 10 also has of course portrait selfies which is of course new to this device because of the traditions and camera. And we took a lot of pictures with that and you see some of the different modes that we can go through and change. It looks pretty good. And something we do spend more time with to see how well it works in different situations. But this is huge we had it was actually lighting at that point in time as you can see actually came out pretty well because it's got a face so illuminator within that two camera sensor.

 So there's a lot of things there in this device. You've also got kids so you can use the air cap the camera on the red actually map out maybe furniture around your home with IKEA or play a game. So a lot of things on this device you've got that five point eight inch display cube HD HD are you of course you got to treat that sensing camera.

They can do a lot of things like the of course the front facing portraits selfies. You've also got face I.D. but an emoji is built into this device. It is also there and also the brand new design just in terms of us that is. And look I think a lot of people will find really interesting once they get their hands on it. Now guys if you have any questions any comments about the iPhone 10 let us know

How I Make Money Fast without working

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Today I'm going to show you guys how to make money fast. The absolute best way. But quickly before that. Make sure to bookmark my site because I'm going to be publishing some of the most awesome and valuable content you've ever seen. I'm planning to release e-book about online money making methods psychology tricks to make you a master at influencing people. Secrets about growing website that other big blogs simply won't tell you. And so much more cool stuff. Additionally this animated format is what I'm going to be mostly using from now on. So if you like it please comment below. So they do it more in the future. How I make money without working and how to earn money without investment ? this can helps you, Now let's talk about the absolute best way to make money fast. This method is a very simple structure and I will go through these three easy steps starting now.

Step 1: the fiverr buy Spend a little bit of money on fiverr to acquire an awesome product that you're going to sell to other people. I personally think the best product to buy for this specific method is an e-book. How this works is that you go to fiverr.com and search for ghostwrite ghostwriting is a simple service where you hire someone to write a book for you and you get to claim that you wrote it you own all the rights you own everything and you don't have to say that you've got it ghostwritten pretty awesome right.    

When you search for ghostwrite on a fiverr lots of results are going to show up and prices will vary widely search thoroughly to find the best price for the most words in order. This person's service for example I was recently able to find someone was offering $5 for 500 words and they had well over 100 good reviews to try to pick someone like this and make absolute certain that after they write the book you own 100 percent of the rights to the book. Oh and by the way I know that you have to spend a little money to do this but trust me that it is worth it. Every smart entrepreneur knows that you have to spend money to make money. It's a crappy truth but it's true anyway. You might as well work with it. Get your ghostwriter to make the book between 5000 and 10000 words. This is perfect for a viral e-book. And finally the most important part of the book. Make sure it has a viral niche. What does a viral niche you ask. A viral niche is something that everyone in their right mind would want to buy. For example an e-book about chess is not a viral niche because only a few people would want to buy them. On the other hand an e-book called How to reach your goal in a year or how to get motivated in three minutes is going to be great. These are perfect examples of a viral image. Make sure to tell your ghostwriter that you want this title in subject matter after you get the book written which should not take very long. Self-publish it on Amazon.com. Amazon is the number one e-book site and everyone buys it. Also you can publish your book completely free. It costs absolutely nothing. Open up another tab and search for how to publish my book on Amazon. It's super easy and should realistically take you less than an hour.

Step 2: reviews Get all your friends and family to give your book good reviews on Amazon ,Amazon Books are rated on a scale of one to five stars. And if someone on Amazon sees that your book has good reviews they're much more likely to buy it. Now some of you are probably not comfortable with asking people you know to review your book and that's okay because you can also buy $5 reviews on fiverr. Simply search for Amazon book review on fiverr and you'll find plenty of people generally these people will give on disparate use but will usually give you a good rating too. You only need about three to convince people your book is good enough to buy once your book is written has an awesome catchy title falls into a viral niche and has some good reviews. You're almost done. Now it's time for the cash to flow.

Step 3: Sell Selling viral niche e-books is probably ten times easier than you think and can make you a crazy amount of money. All you have to do is do it every other successful startup business has done. Use the phone. Find a phonebook for a heavily populated region like New York. Start calling people and asking them whether they are interested in your book. Search online for an easy selling script and use it or you can use the completely free script below

Hi there (customer name). My name is (your name) and I am an aspiring new author who wrote a book about (your viral niche / title of book), and I’m going from person to person asking if they’d like to receive of a copy of my book because it can change lives for the better, and already has some great reviews that you can see for yourself on Amazon.com. I know you probably get calls all the time, but I think if you get this book, you won’t regret the talk we are having this very moment. So, what do you think?

If they say yes:
Great! All you have to do is go to the Amazon Kindle store and search for…

If they say no:
Well, I really appreciate your time, and if it turns out that you’d like to support me as an author and simultaneously read a fabulous book, don’t hesitate to email me at (make a simple author email they won’t forget and use this here), just in case you change your mind. I hope you have a great day sir/ma’am.

If you find this content to be useful please share this to everyone. Here's an important to remember. As an entrepreneur learn fast and don't get discouraged it's pretty likely the first 10 people you call won't want to buy your book but that's fine because this is a numbers game. Excuse the pun price your book between 10 and 20 dollars so that people will be more convinced your book is high quality but will still be willing to spend their money. Imagine how many people you could call in eight hours of grinding for your business if you can call around 40 people per hour and manage to sell on 10 percent of the calls you're making between 40 and 80 dollars per hour. Even if you don't like selling much this prospect is pretty tempting. Here's another cool strategy to sell. And it's called marketing. Once someone has purchased one of your books write down their phone number and keep them in a list with other people who have bought your book then simply get another book written published and call them up again. Your chances of selling are much higher for people who bought from you before. And that's pretty much it folks. It takes a lot of hard work but this is the standard business blueprint that successful companies use and what separates the winners from the losers is your ability to do two things. Learn as you go and grab new life.

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Top way to hack any Snapchat accounts

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This will be big how to hack snap chat with simple steps this article will help you to attack any snap chat account without any skill you need some basic skill noting so very important it easy, Snapchat is one of the social networks growing fast. Many user using snap and insta but snap is king in this era.
Note hacking illegal use your own risk this article all about providing information
I just wrote article about How to hack whatsapp and PayPal

First Download Mspy
1.       Using spying app
mSpy Features:
  • Hack phone Calls and Text Messages.
  • Hack WhatsApp, Skype and other popular messengers.
  • Track Real-Time Location with GPS Tracker.
  • Spy on Contact List and Web Browsing activities.
  • Monitor Emails, Pictures and Videos.
  • Operates in Hidden Mode and remains Undetected!
  • No Rooting Required! 
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Easy ways to hack WhatsApp

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This one of the awesome tricks for hacking Whatsapp account using this simple trick. You all know Whatsapp is the biggest online messaging system using million of online and offline users. Many hackers want to hack a Whatsapp account so this trick is recommended to all of you. The internet is a bigger than the Whatsapp and hackers so to hack a Whatsapp account is not simple to hack So many people is asking how to hack other peoples Whatsapp accounts

This post for education purpose and for secure your Whatsapp account today is the day to hack the whatsapp and more fun. whatsapp is one of the most using messenger all times many people can chat or sent media if you want to hack the whatsapp account you need a spy software or a computer using this. We can do the job. Millions of people using the Whatsapp you all know if anyone connected in the Internet, we can hack. That's it but HACKING IS CRIME this post for the information I have gotten from the Internet, I share this information to you guys. Do you know the Kali Linux? In that Linux, there are various tools for do bad things like cracking, Hacking but it also as used as education purpose if you are the beginner of the Linux world it is very hard to understand this, but you know basic commands that will help in Kali Linux. We can find a lot of things in the Internet.     Read steps carefully    
                          Just follow [ how i make money without working]

This is the century of the Internet, but we also called Hacking Freedom
Note:But remember you. Guy's hacking is the crime and don't try to hack. This just an education information 

Two ways to hack whatsapp

1.       Using spying app
mSpy Features:
  • Hack phone Calls and Text Messages.
  • Hack WhatsApp, Skype and other popular messengers.
  • Track Real-Time Location with GPS Tracker.
  • Spy on Contact List and Web Browsing activities.
  • Monitor Emails, Pictures and Videos.
  • Operates in Hidden Mode and remains Undetected!
  • No Rooting Required! 
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2.       Using MAC address
·         Find out the Mac address of the target phone on which you need to hack WhatsApp account:
    1. For Android – Navigate to Settings —> About Device —> Status—> Wi-Fi MAC address
    2. For iPhone – Navigate to Settings—> General —> About —> Wi-Fi address
·         Once you’ve the Mac address of the target WhatsApp phone
·         Next, install WhatsApp on your phone using the target phone number and verify it.
·         Now, you’ve an exact replica of the target WhatsApp account and you should receive all the conversation and updates on your phone as well. Read Also Get Rs 200

Thank you for reading this article. This is an article all about information and Don’t Hack anyone I remember you hacking is a crime.

How to Easily Hack PayPal Accounts

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This is the first trick for hacking PayPal account using this simple trick. You all know PayPal is the biggest online money transfer system using million of online and offline users. Many hackers want to hack a PayPal account so this trick is recommended for all of you. The internet is a bigger than the PayPal and hackers so to hack a PayPal account is not simple to hack and earn money from that I’m giving you a hacking trick for you How to Easily Hack Gmail Accounts So many people is asking how to hack other peoples paypal accounts ? This post is for you we providing the all information of How to do and read all steps      
                                  Just follow [how i make money withoutworking]

GUYS JUST READ THIS ARTICLE Easy ways to hack WhatsApp

Note: Hacking credit cards or Bank accounts like PayPal is an illegal act, this is only informational post and I am not responsible for any actions done by you after reading this tutorial. This post is for educational purposes only.

 So, for the first method about PayPal hacking, I'll be using Phishing. Phishing is one of the easiest ways to hack ANY site user names and passwords. You upload a fake Web page that looks like the legit one, and then you send the link to your victim and trick him into entering his login info into the fake Web page, which then sends the info to you. It's very simple and very effective.

How to Easily Hack PayPal Accounts

How To Creating Fake Login Page

1. Download PayPal Phisher from
HERE. if this links is not working try this Link

2. Then extract downloaded file using WinRAR, downloaded file contains:
  • Index.html
  • Login.php

3. Now upload these two files to one of free web hosting sites like:

4. After that, send this Phisher link (index.html) to your victim and make him login to his PayPal Account using your sent Phisher.

5. Once he/she logs in to his/her PayPal Account is used Phisher, all his typed PayPal ID and Password is stored in "passes. text". This file is created in your web host control panel.

                 Awesome YouTube Search with simple Keywords

6. Now, open passes. text file to get a hacked PayPal ID and Password. If you don’t get passes. text, try refreshing your page. Once you get passed. text, you get PayPal Username and Password and can easily use it for hacking PayPal Account.
                                                 Amazon gift card hacking
That’s it. I hope this fishing tutorial is full
proof and you can now hack PayPal Accounts password using PayPal Phishing.

This eBook recommended for how to hack powerful PayPal account in pro ways , and teach us more ways just go for it !
   For US Amazon link http://amzn.to/2f2R9iN

 Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions?